Penti TVC Farah Zeynep Abdullah 2021


Farah Zeynep, the new star of Penti
She starred in a commercial for the first time.

Penti's new TVC campaign this year features an internationally and nationally renowned artist. Farah Zeynep Abdullah

You know the state of the world for the last two or three years. But meanwhile, we became conscious. In the past, we realized how important the values ​​we had were when life was flowing and we didn't care. Friendship, family, health, nature, dancing, touching...

Penti calls this consciousness the 'new me'. The film tells us that we hold on to these values ​​more tightly and strongly. Farah Zeynep Abdullah is the spokesperson of this change with the song "I need a new me", which we know from Sertab Erener's voice. SHe reinterprets the song with his own voice.

a new love a new job
Need a reason to smile again
a new news a new destiny
what do i need for these
A new look, a new touch
I have to discover one by one
A new life the rest is stale, aah
I need a new me

While observing him in the movie as someone who does and shares the things he desires in life, we also understand that all this change has something to do with remembering his childhood and that a person should go down to his own essence.

While the film ends by emphasizing the nature-friendly production assurance of Penti, which signed the United Nations Global Cooperation agreement, Farah invites everyone to change and do something for themselves.

The film will be broadcast both on TV in long and short versions, and on the Internet in its longest version.
The campaign will also cover social media.

The film took 2 days to shoot in Belgrad Forest, Arnavutköy and Karaköy.
Farah is accompanied by an outstanding cast.


Advertiser: Penti
Advertising Agency: Come to Movida
Advertiser Representatives: Cristina Polini, Roberto Marchese, Yiğit Kalafatoğlu, Gizem Burcu Bağcı
Creative Director: Emrah Akay
Creative Team: Emrah Akay, Oğuzhan Akay, Deniz Akyıldız, Fatih Özkan
Customer Relations Manager: Gaye Ayık
Producer: Mood Production
Producer: Hakan Gul
Director: Tan Berk Kurtcebe
Cinematographer: Arinc Arisoy
Original Music: Nil Karaibrahimgil, Demir Demirkan
Music Cover: Alper Aytekin Farah Zeynep Abdullah
Post Production: Bando
Styling: Mahizer Aytas
Photo : Emre Guven
Photo Production : PPR
Back Stage Videographer: Sarper Cut

Creative Director

Emrah Akay

Advertiser Representatives

Cristina Polini, Roberto Marchese, Yiğit Kalafatoğlu, Gizem Burcu Bağcı

Customer Relations Manager

Gaye Ayik


Tan Berk Kurtcebe

Music Cover

Alper Aytekin Farah Zeynep Abdullah


Mood Production

Creative Team

Emrah Akay, Oğuzhan Akay, Deniz Akyıldız, Fatih Özkan

Original Music

Nil Karaibrahimgil, Demir Demirkan